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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Agile Independence Day?

With July 4th upon us (the American Independence Day holiday for non-US readers), I thought it might be fun to celebrate a different kind of independence.

Freedom from fear, paralyzing uncertainty, dysfunctional working conditions, and plans made without the consent of the development team. In short, freedom from software project tyranny! No estimation without representation!

Agile project management is about more than delivering the most important features as quickly as possible, it's also about sustainable human relationships.

Customers and project managers: given the choice between a hostile, surly, overworked developer who secretly wishes you harm, and a happy, friendly developer who goes the extra mile to get things done for you, which would you rather work with?

And developers, which would you rather work with? A distrustful, micro-managing, writing-checks-that-your-backside-has-to-cash project manager? Or a supportive, clear communicating, engaged customer or product owner that is on the same team as you are?

If you're leaning toward the happy and supportive side, repeat the following:

I pledge allegiance to the flag*,
Of the Agile software movement.
And to the principles for which it stands,
One Team,
With Simplicity and Feedback for all.

* The "flag" is probably just an index card. Hey, it's got stripes on it.

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  • Love it! Being an Englishman I having nothing to celebrate on 4th July. Now I do. Too bad I saw this only today, but there's always next year...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:19 AM  

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